CyberConvention Services Summary

CyberConventions.com has been successfully producing virtual conventions since 2002.

We assist organizations, associations and companies by providing them with an easy to use cyber convention program that allows them to conduct on-line events that provide exciting service to their members /employees/customers. CyberConventions.com licensing program is structured to provide organizations with another profit center while providing progressive image enhancing visibility.

In addition we provide exclusive master licences which allow companies and organizations to control this unique event within their business vertical..

You may obtain additional information regarding these services at "Licensing Information" or by contacting us as follows:

John M. Peckham III
Nine Hawthorne Place, Suite 16L
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 617 523 4441 X6
Email: Jack@CyberConventions.com
URL: www.CyberConventions.com

We will be pleased to discuss your needs and thoughts regarding an on-line convention for your organization.